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This is Gary's (Moto) football page, constructed to help participants of ESPN's 'College Pickem', 'Pig Skin Pickem' & 'Bowl Mania' Fantasy sports contests. Please take time to register and then log-in.

Welcome, you don't have to log in (it's free) but if you login I count my users to see if the extra work is worth it. I update college scores & stats on Sunday mornings and update the Pro scores & stats on Tuesday mornings.

No rocket science going on here, the stat predictions are based on the average yards between one teams per game offense and the other teams per game defense. Teams that are having easy schedules look much better than they really are. If you really want to know more about it, click the Mo'Info link.

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* Hint..for College Bowl Games & Pro Play-off Games, set cur-week to PS. Don't forget that the current week for College games is 1-ahead of the Pro schedule.

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