Great Banners:

Great Logos:


It would be my privilege to work with you to find that next branded logo that takes the business world by storm or even a catchy, effective banner that can be used in any size of print and web media.









Banners & Logos

Top-of-Mind Awareness is the most important factor in the business world. The public can drive by your business everyday and never have a reason to enter your store or request your services. A great banner can catch the public's eye and at the very least, educate them about your company. A great logo, that is simple and memorable, can make the public think of your business first when seeking a product or a solution. Your logo alone, can be the prime reason any new customer makes their initial visit.

Below are some samples of banners and Logos that I have made.

twister bannerBanner-1: The Twister's Gymnastics School wants to call attention to their new preschool service as well as the other products that they provide beyond gymnastics.


shopgi bannerBanner-2: ShopGI is developing a convenient home page, where users will be able to browse the web and shop on-line from local merchants that can list their weekly sales and even offer web-coupons.


twisters logoLogo-1: The Twister's Gymnastics School wants the public familiar with the 'Stormy' graphic and associate fun with fitness.


shopgi logoLogo-2: This logo is intended to promote Top-of-mind awareness as a solution for local consumers to use '' when they want to quickly browse the internet for fun and shopping.