What's Next

Below is my list of sites, books and classes that I have added to my resume. Enjoy my journal of learning.

My site contains numerous sub-domains and such. I will have to soon redesign the whole thing soon.


Gary's added skills

Following is my reflections of each subject area.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Although CSS is not a new skill, the book listed, helped take my understanding to a much higher level. Excellent explanations of good habits and how to deal with the difference in browsers.

JavaScript & jquery

One way to make a web page interactive. Can be difficult as each browser handles things slightly different. Jquery is simply a library of Javascript functions with most of the bugs worked out. Both entities, Javascript & jQuery, take place on the users computer.


An alternate way to make a webpage interactive. The majority of PHP takes place on the server and enables connections to server database files. It can be very complex and tedious but details are important as the security of a website can be at risk. Resulting example: Football Fun

Closing This Journal of Learning

I am overwhelmed by the volume of info. that I have encountered. My plan is to use this web-journal as my bread crumb trail when I need to go back and review 'how to' perform many of these tasks. Don't be surprised (or disappointed) if an occasional link or exercise fails. I am reusing many databases over for projects in different books and even in my own football website.