Gary's photo Welcome

Currently, I am managing 3-web sites...

  1. ShopGi
  2. Nebr.Twisters
  3. GaryJeurink

ShopGI has been in existence since 1996. This is my personal home-page and it gives me access to all of my important and fun websites within a couple of clicks.

Nebr.Twisters is the gym that I founded and continue to coach at since 1981. is my personal web page and will serve many purposes.

  1. Journal of learning,
  2. Personal resume,
  3. Test ground for new web projects,
  4. Access to my personal medical information.
  5. SkillBucket Gymnastics


About Me

I have been a computer hobbyist since the early 70's. I graduated from U. of Nebraska in 1978 with a teaching degree. I can teach Physical education (K-through 12) with a teaching minor in Health, a college minor in psychology and a coaching endorsement. After graduation, I taught 3-years at Lincoln High school and was a head coach for both girls and boys gymnastics teams. In 1981, I moved to Grand Island and opened a private gymnastics school. In 1983 I suffered a spinal chord injury in a sports related accident. As a quadriplegic, I was forced to sell my business but have continued as a volunteer coach and instructor for the past 22-years using my coaching experience and computer skills to enhance the learning experience.

Computer Languages

As a self-taught programmer, I started with Basic, and Quick basic along with Dos. In 1995, I was getting pretty good with Turbo-Pascal. I can use most of the window's products reasonably well. I have large data tables maintained with Visual Fox Pro. I am currently trying to get proficient in PHP and MySQL. I am comfortable with HTML and CSS and have created many web sites and currently maintain three. I like to claim that I have learned and forgotten more about computer programming than most users will ever encounter. I think the saying 'Jack of all trades and master of none' best describes my computer proficiencies.

I really enjoy the way a new coat of paint and a few simple objects can revitalize an old room. In my websites, I always try to create a useful tool that can be easy to maintain and still be reasonably attractive.

As a web designer, my goal is to give a client an up-to-date, clean coded, HTML or PHP file, with a linked CSS style page that a novice office person can be trained to maintain with only occasional assistance.

For the future, business in a cloud is coming and simplicity will be the key. Designing a data cloud into a manageable office where business tasks can be completed from any location are my current learning goals. With minimum help, a business can be administrated from office and remote locations using cell phone and portable tablet technology. This will free up your office to help your customers 24-hours per day. A well designed cloud can allow sick workers to work from home and salesmen to take their office with them.