Sony HDR-XR160 Handi-cam. Using the included PBM software, I imported the video to the computer and edited the 10-minute video into 4-short clips. Next, I converted each clip to a .wmv format. 


Next I downloaded Camtasia Studio for a 30-day trial and with one tutorial, I was able to stitch the four clips together for an initial clip which I uploaded to Google and embeded on this page.


To the right, I have encoded short audio clips of a Cardinal and a Bluejay. Both clips were encoded into .mp3, .wav, and .ogg formats using;

'Wav Mp3 Converter',

and then embeded into the page with the <audio> control. 

On the link below, I have made the same audio clips available using the wordpress stand-alone audio player.

Wordpress player

Fred's Video

Audio - 'My backyard birds'