Strength is extremely important for our boys.

It is common to begin and end a workout with some strength work. Many of the tasks are to develop general arm strength (dips, pull-ups, rope climb...). In obvious cases, the actual target skill will be practiced with/without assistance. Other drills might target the core muscles. These exercises develop the athletes ability to maintain (static-hold) a

flexed arms

particular shape or transition from one shape into (dynamic) another. In this gym model, strength will be evaluated through acquired skills or threshold achievements (like 10 unassisted pull-ups). There are 2-categories of strength development.

  1. Static (no movement)
  2. Dynamic (with movement)


General Strength Goals for [Levels 1 & 2]

L-sit (hold 2-sec.)
L-hang (hold 2-sec.)
Chin-up (hold 2-sec.)


General Strength Goals for [Levels 3]


Frog stand (tripod with no head)
Straddle-L (outside hands)
spider stand


General Strength Goals for [Levels 4]

Back lever (no hold)
Tuck Planche (hold 2-sec.)

General Strength Goals for [Levels 5]


press handstand


General Strength Goals for [Levels 6]

swing to Str.L
Str.L to press H.St.
endo press


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