[1] It is a general philosophy that basic acrobatics like tumbling & vaulting, can develop kinesthetic awareness (air sense) and provide a core muscle education that will greatly enhance the athletes ability to learn more complex skills on every event.

[2] Falling is the act of landing some other way than was intended. In the process of learning progressively harder skills, each athlete must learn how to fail an attempted skill safely. Mistakes are expected but not encouraged.

[3] Fear management: The border between courageous and reckless is a fuzzy line. Our instructors must be prudent managers where patient encouragement will be needed for many students and stern immediate cautions must be given to reckless athletes.

Vaulting: Basics...Running, Hurdle, Jumping, & Flight for Level 1 & 2's

Run with:

  • Slight forward body lean,
  • Opposition bent arms swing,
  • Even stride length
  • Knee bends in front and on return,

Hurdle (1 to 2 feet)

  • Assemble feet in the air,
  • Body length hurdle,

* Time in the air is slightly more than another full stride,

Backward arm circle

The Arm circle can enhance the depth of the spring board depression and when the arm circle stops, forward rotation is added to the body.

The jump

  • Use all major joints to jump: hips, knees and ankles
  • Spring board (jump fast),
  • Tramp (slower jump)

[VB-01] Run - Hurdle - Jump - to Stick (landing)

* This is half of the Level 3 vault. Great vaults are straight, high, and show distance with a stick landing (good upright posture, momentary bent legs on landing, and no steps).

Reaching and Blocking vaults: Squat & Straddle, Vaults (short block)


Challenge vaults for gifted athletes

[VB-02] Squat vault

  • Show stretched body,
  • Arm block downward,
  • Tuck legs through,
  • Rotate to 'stick' landing.

[VB-02] Straddle vault

  • Show stretched body,
  • Arm block downward,
  • Straddle legs over,
  • Rotate to 'stick' landing.

[VB-04a] Short roll

  • Smooth roll
  • Knees & feet together
  • Roll to feet

* This is a short roll in order to get to feet before end of mat.

(a) short roll to feet. If the roll is too long, the athlete will land sitting.


Vaulting: Basics for Level 3's & 4's

Level 3 competitive vault


Level 4 competitive vault


Reaching and Blocking vaults: Squat, Straddle & Stoop Vaults (long block)

*(a) vault-feet on jump off (short block), (b) vault-feet through to landing (short block), (c) vault-feet on to jump off (long block) Á (d) vault-feet through to landing (long block).


[VB-4b] Short roll with kip... continued

(a) short roll to feet, (b) short roll with kip to feet, (c) headspring to feet, (d) handspring to feet


[VB-04] Run - Jump to Handstand 'tree-fall'(Level-4 Vault)

Challenge vaults for athletes

Vaulting: Basics... for Level 5's & 6's


Vaulting: Basics... for Level 7's & 8's


Vaulting: Basics... for Level 9's & 10's


Vaulting: Post flight is next