A Note to All about Skill-bucket! Visitor!

First, let me welcome you to my website, dedicated to the development of the boys side of our gymnastics school. Currently, we are packed with students, which is both good and bad. As a minority in the gym, the boys program will attempt to develop our athletes on 7-different gymnastics events, yet stay within our humble square of gym space. This space limitation along with all of our beginning classes being completely full will slow us down for awhile, while we get our new boys up to speed with our experienced students. I see this in our Level 1-2 classes on Mon. and Wednesday.

I understand the need for privacy for individuals, so for the time being, all the athletes will be listed by first name and last initial only. In order to see individual video or progress reports, you will need to register as a Skill-bucket user and then I will upgrade your user privileges to allow permission to see individual student progress reports (under construction). As of this moment, only previous students (last years boys) have any video footage. I am working with a new coach (Mason) and have an extra coach (Audrey) on Tues-Thurs. and I feel privileged for this extra help.

The curriculum for all 6-events (and trampoline), is available for any visitor to view. The plan is to educate parents, athletes, coaches and potential judges as to the skills, routines and proposed learning strategies of our gym's curriculum. I am encouraging students to stretch and work on basic skills at home to greatly enhance their development in the gym. Please be patient in these early fall classes as we get all the many newbie students up to a reasonable understanding of our multi-station work-out.

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