Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for Halloween

R.U. next tombstone ben dove tomb stone flying witch bucky the skeleton barnabus collins butch the biker D-Evilis gertrude the kneeler grannie herbie oscar boris jason austin the mummy lilly
myra maines tombstone

October 31st is a special night in our garden. Let me introduce you to our year round residents.
R.U.Next, M.T.Tume, Ben Dover, Joe Fibber, Anna Rexik, Willie Rott and Diane Rott, and Lee Ning,  .

real black cat in graveyard

Plain Jane and Barry M. Deep  being attended to Mr. Green our cemetary caretaker. Below is Barnabus, Betty Bones and Brimly.

classic crank ghost

Meet Butch, Chappie, D-elvilis, Frankie and Frank-o.


Gertrude, Grampa, Grannie. One of our first, Grimly and Grumpy.


Herbie, Igor, Felix, Ricardo and Smokin' Joe.


Boris and Ellie, a kneeler and sitter. Jason, Jack and Lucifer.


Austin, Gandolph, Lilly. Skully and finally Whitey. There really is a lot more but I'm tired. Why don't you come and see for yourself next year.

m.t. tume tombstone ground breaker zombie lee ning tombstone gravestone barry m. deep brimly the reaper frankenstein frank-o gramps grumpy igor smoking joe ellie lucifer the devil gandolph whitey hanging
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