Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for July

big yellow day lilies apples buttefly milk weed hot papaya cone flower red bee balm shasta daisies and asiatic lilies prince tree lily bell flower black pearl calla lily grapes tomatoes dill dwarf fountain grass elephant ears red banana pink phlox artichoke cleome double knockout rose joe pye weed castor bean leaf
pink daylily

July means the heat is on. The Day Lilies Yellow-Pink-Red are thriving. My 2-Reliance peach trees were cut down and a baby  was planted between. Below to the sides are Butterfly Weed and Yarrow and the Asiatic Lilies seem to be doing well in the sun and the shade.

aaiati-c lily

To the sides, these two cone flowers (especially the Hot Papaya) are dazzling this Summer. Below are Red Bee Balm, some orange Cosmo, and pink Elodie Asiatic Lilies.


To the sides, the Shasta Daisies and the Helen's Flower. Below is a 1st year Prince Tree Lily, a White Calla, and a Tomato Soup Cone flower. The Prince tree lily is 3ft tall and is supposed to get taller each year ... (eventially 8 ft. tall).

white calla lily

To the sides, a Double Blue Balloon flower and our dependable White Cone flowers. Below are Black Pearl Calla, purple Liatris and a Prairiefire Royal Catchfly.


We lost all of our zone-5 fruits in a cold spring but here are our dependables. 3-colors of grapes, [red] Blackberries and below the big tomatoes are starting along with the peppers. Oops, I almost forgot the 3-jars of honey the bees shared with us.


Oh yes, the butterflies love the dill. How about a cucumber. Alas, our zuccini was too heavy and fell out of the hay bale. Below is Dwarf Fountain grass, more asiatic lilies and a tub of water lettuce and hyacinth.

asiatic lily

In the shade and heat, the elephant ear and upright elephant ears are doing well. They get protection from wind. In the bright sun by the pond, the red banana, black taro and potted annuals are thriving.

water fall

The big phlox is just starting, the day lilies are still going strong. Below is an Artichoke my mom started for us indoors in January. The tiger lilies are just starting and the heat loving annuals in the pots are happy but thirsty.

tiger lily

The Cleomes are few in number and short but still delicate and beautiful. The Giant Russian Canna's don't have impressive blooms but I'll show you the fabulous leaves next week. Below, the double knockouts, Honeysuckle and our first Water Lily blooms.

water lily

The Joe Pye Weed and the annuals in the pots are thriving in this heat.  Another true heat lover is this Castor Bean below. The grapes are also having an outstanding year. The last for July is this little Black Berry Lily hiding in the shade by the Redbud.

red day lilies peaches yarrow purple cone flower elodie daylily helens flower tomato soup cone flower white cone flowers prairie-fire penstemon blackberries peppers cucumber water lettuce upright elephant ear mixture of annuals day lily pots russian canna honeysuckle heat loving annuals castor bean
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