Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for March

tomatoes up close flower mix weeping cherry little tulips cold welcome frogs peony tree budding fancy new deckgoing in
snow on the 23rd

March in Nebraska often means more snow. Mixed in with days when it is 70 to 80 degrees outside. Inside, all of the Feb. starts get repotted along with an order or two for some Spring plants. I really like Plants Delight and Bluestone but they are not cheap. 

yellow crocus

I had most of the zone-5 fruit trees removed and replaced with zone-4 and now I'm waiting for them to grow up. Poking up through the leaves and such are many yellow, white and purple Crocus. Everyday I'll hold my breath that we don't go below 32. Also the little Tulips are beginning to open.

snow on a running waterfall

The Peony tree is budding and a Plumeria is out sunning, (1 year-old tropical) and is finally getting a third leaf. Outside, there is no new construction going on. All beds, pathways, and structures are complete. The only major project going on is weeding.

greenhouse remote temperature sensor
three level growing unit pink hyacinth apricots mix of blooms woodpecker plumeria getting new leaf new deck being built
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