Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for January

garden catalogs mortise and pestle with ground peppers night snow snow covered rock light snow plus no wind equals snowcones
growing bean sprouts

 'Happy New Year', Most of the seeds I order are usually here already. I'm looking carefully through the catalogs for new stuff for Spring. Inside we can harvest bean sprouts from kit .  I've never grown anything this easy. No dirt needed and tasty as a salad or on a sandwich. Our dehydrated tomatoes and peppers are getting used daily.

yoga dvd

Exercise takes place indoors because it's cold outside. What the heck, it works for our neighbor across the alley and he's 80 plus. Below, a light dry snow with almost no wind piles up on things like fairy dust. The snow is beautiful until you have to shovel it. The snow in the garden is protecting our plants from the bitter cold like a thick cool blanket.

night snow
seeds are arriving dehydrated tomatoes ready for any recipe evergreen and snow evergreen trees and new snow lamp with snow
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