Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for April

greenhouse peppers garden bushel of compost yellow crocus bee hive construction white hyacinth small red tulips purple hyacinth red tulip rhodedendron peony tree leafing out sweet cherry blooms red banana bonfire euphorbia weeping larch crab apple mixed color tulips
there's no sun like the real sun in the greenhouse

April 1st, was the intention but we didn't get the plants moved until the 16th. This year I bought 80 bags of ground wood mulch. The annuals are up and my garden helpers dug up and divided all the day lillies. I now have 4-double bin com[post containers. Right now, they contain only ground up leaf mulch.

new deck and pathway construction

The green house is left open as the low at night has been 44 degrees.


Things are changing daily but that's just April. The Snow Fountain Cherry exploded over night and these little Tulips opened for an 85 degree Saturday. Each day now, the color and variety of the blooms will be getting better and better. Below-middle is our brand new Weeping Norway Spruce.

weeping norway spruce

We are battling large colonies of wasps the past 4 or 5 years. Each time we kill a nest, they relocate somewhere nearby.

nectarine bloom

With only volunteer help it is not likely to upgrade the structures. I want to add more brick to the path ways.

2nd year Sensation Lilac

I couldn't pass up this Red Banana from Wilkes Nursery. The Marigolds in the greenhouse are booming up a storm. Below is a Bonfire Euphorbia, our babies we bought at the Spring Affair and an emerging Asiatic Lily.

plants bought at spring affair

Despite a cold, wet and dreary Spring everything is waking up. The blooms are lagging but the textures are not. Here is a soft green Larch and a prickly Hen's Chicks.  Below the Crab and Pear's are blooming some with an Emerald and Gold Euonymus between. Only four days left, come on warm weather.

emerald and gold euonymus

My last two pictures prove that Tulips dominated this years April. It's still cold and persistently wet but barring any major cases of root rot, our May pictures should be unbelievable. We will be planting more than 25 new plants this year that we have never had before giving us many future fabulous photos.

greenhouse tomatoes rejuvenated pot with compost scilla new behive, another job well done pink hyacinth snow fountain cherry circus and red tulips orange tulip grape hyacinth 3rd year circus peony sand cherry blooming marigolds blooming in the greenhouse emerging asiatic lily hens and chicks pear tree blooms red tulips
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