Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for May

cascading peach tree blooming sensation lilac white anemone magnolia jack in the pulpit white creeping phlox bonfire euphorbia sensation lilac baptisia pink and yellow columbine snakeroot alium bee balm knotted dragon tree apple blooms become fruit purple iris husker red penstemon
sweet cherry tree blooming

May, and the trees are finaly blooming. In Nebraska, any of the zone-5+ trees wake up too early and take a bad hit from the cold spring. Above, Cascading Peach, Sweeet Cherry and a Red Bud. To the sides, a two year old Sensation Lilac and a dwarf Red Delicious Apple a few days from blooming.

sweet william

The just above, Spring bloomers  include, Anenome, Sweet William and Bleeding Heart. To the sides, the Magnolia tree has blooms like a tulip and a Norweigian Weeping Spruce is showing it's new growth. Below are Jack-in-the-pulpit, Red Sister Cordyline, and a variegated Soloman Seal breaking ground.

ti tree

For soft texture and color, how about white and purle Creeping Phlox. Likewise below are Bonfire Euphorbia, Emerald'N'Gold Euonymus and a Creme Brule Heuchera.


These small Primrose and Sensation Lilacs are growing up and smell wonderful. Below, the blue Columbine and yellow Baptisia surround our tough Peony tree that continues to bloom despite a couple of accidents that nearly killed it.

peony tree

The ordinary Columbine (pink & yellow) is blooming. The Sweet Cherry tree has been removed and replaced (by 2-dwarf pear trees). Below (left & right) are some year old plants we hope will do something, Snakeroot & Baneberry. Please Mr. Bunny, 'Don't eat all the new emerging plants.'

new bricks and a bunny

Here come the purples, Alium and Verbena. Below, our duplex neighbors, brought home a planted a Foxglove and Bee Balm, already blooming. In the middle is a Clivia given to us from Ray Evans


The house plants are all outdoors as this knotted Dragon tree. The first tomatoes this year will come from the 'Red Alert'. Below the dwarf Delicious Apple is setting on fruit. We are no longer hosting any fish (miss them). Last, the Black Stalking Meadowrue has just started blooming on the 23rd.

hungry gold fish

Compared to last year, we are lagging. The cold and wet Spring has slowed everything. The purples are just opening, Iris, Crane's Bill Geranium and False Indigo (one of Gladys's plant of the week). To the sides below a Husker Red Penstemon and Arundo Donax (a 16 foot tall grass).

false indigo
red bud 2-year old dwarf delicious Apple bloom bleeding heart weeping norweigian spruce soloman seal purple creeping phlox carmel colored heuchera primrose lilac columbine cherries setting on baneberry perenial verbena foxgloves red alert tomatoes meadow rue cranes bill geranium arundo donax
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