Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for June

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carmel colored corabell

June, what can you say about June? Without Mary's diligent attention I must cut back what flowers to host. Seems a cool wet Spring will be the norm. Despite, the Clematis, Heuchera, Weigela, Sedum, & Salvia love early summer weather.

first tomatoes June 11th

I'm removing a lot of ornamentals and replacing with kitchen garden plants. I am trying to keep all of my drought tolerant plants (mostly grasses). Last  summer, I cut down my beautiful wisteria along with 10-trees. In their place I planted 5-dwarf fruit trees.

mock orange

My zone 5-rated fruit trees had broken my heart too many times. New additions include, 6-blueberry (3 types), 2-goji berry, 2-honey berry bushes. My 5-new fruit trees are Goldcot Apricot, 2-Asian pears, a cherry and a Reliant peach. I planted the trees last spring and the Peach tree has 6 or 7 peaches on it... reluctantly I must pluck them off.


The garden had gotten too shady and replacing 10-trees with 5 should help find a happy medium. This spring, despite the cold and rain, the tulips were up and brilliant throughout May. Picking off projects in the garden one at a time. All of the peppers and tomatoes are in. Michael and I are fixing the drip irrigation zone every couple of days.

maltese cross

I am hoping to install 1-zone just for the potted plants. The pictures don't relate to the diary yet but as the month progresses, they will get better. A huge thanks goes out to Duane and Barb who took a day-off just to come up and worked almost the whole day cleaning up around all the raised beds fixing all my tools that were unusable.

blackberry blooms
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