Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden History Part-3

east arbor

As always, change is painful. Gone is the long nearly straight path through the south garden along with the narrow garden bed under the eaves.

new path frames
here come the bricks

The area was cleared,  framed, with a huge new trellis. All of the underground drip system and 12 volt lighting were put in.

12 foot tall trellis
paths are laid

Four additional trellises were built and installed where our tomato hedge used to be. Three kinds of seedless grapes and a hardy Kiwi vine have been planted.

grape trellis
watering manifold watering manifold pond
solar collector

The 8-valve manifold is in and hooked up. One zone is a mist system for people. The pond edges no longer have valves and are planted with annuals. We have two solar powered water features. The rain barrel is in and full.

rain barrel