Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for our Habitat

garter snake in the mulch cardinal bird keeshound koi fish cockatiel squirrel posing tony the turtle unknown white bird thief squirrel exiting feed barrel mallard duck

Let me introduce you to our habitat. From left to right. Mr. Garter snake in the mulch pile, Robin, taking a bath, and Alvin the squirrel, stealing bird seed. Next is our local Cardinal and an American Gold Finch. Below we have a Harley, who moved, replaced by Macey, who moved, replaced by Spencer who also has moved away.


Here is rare look at a very shy metalic Koi and another shot of our ever hungry goldfish. Below are some more birds. Can you guess which one lives indoors and is named Einstien?

crow or blackbird

We have plenty of furry little critters up to no good. Here's two of them. Below we have Tony the turtle (passed on in 2001), Sparkle, our Shubunkin, and a skinny dipper caught without a stitch on in our pond.

shubunkin fish goldfish

We have no idea what this little finch like bird is, but it followed us around the garden one day in May-07. Once upon a time a squirrel ate a hole in a plastic container of seed and corn. Soon a baby Possum found the hole. This last picture will be soon replaced by a turtle dove or a squirrel on a bunge... stay tuned.

baby oppossum in feed barrel

In 2009, these ducks offered their help putting in the new beds. Proudly, in May of '09', we adopted Fred, this blue-headed Conure. His vocabulary is amazing and Mary is teaching him to sing. Don't know if that is a good thing or not.

squirrel in birdfeeder goldfinch through a dirty window maltese dog comet goldfish bluejay baby bunny in the clover garter snake swimming in waterfall thief squirrel entering feed barrel squirrel in bird feeder fred, our blue-headed conure