Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for September

dahlia BLACKBERRIES hyacinth bean water lily agastachia pequin peppers neon sedum obedience bloom little bunny fountain grass powis castle tabasco peppers asters pots ready to come inside
butterflys on the butterfly bush

September brings big Dahlias & Butterflies on the Butterflybush, and the Mandevilla that we over wintered is finally blooming. Eggplants and Blackberries are thriving in the heat. Below the Hyacinth Bean is blooming by the front door. We're picking Big Bertha peppers and 3-colors of Superbells.

basil i-n pot

The pond is blooming and here is a new Solidago called 'Little Lemon', Below is Agastache 'Ava', Black-eyed Susan and the Sweet Autumn Clematis has begun it's blooming up a 12 foot trellis.


Savory gifts for the kitchen continue every few days. Here we have various peppers nearly ready to pick. Below is the neon sedum and a big dahlia bloom. In the center, our faux cabin is awaiting next months Halloween party.

faux cabin was new last year

The purples are taking over with Obedience flower and some fall Asters. Below are three grasses, Little Bunny, Eldorado, and Hameln.

eldorado grass

The the sides, Artemesia 'Powis Castle' and another look at the Agastache. Below is a Tabasco pepper, a harvest of Crimson Spire apples and our Red-Headed fountain grass.


The Asters are blooming as well as the large Sedum. Below are some mixed shots and some pots getting ready to come in and a good shot of the Beauty Berry.

beauty berry
mandevilla EGGPLANT superbells solidago sweet autumn clematis peter peppers dahlia asters hameln fountain grass agastache wheel barrow of apples sed5um mixed annuals
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