Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden History Part-4

new shade bed

The rose Trellis is gone and a duplicate Wisteria trellis is in it's place.

more wisteria
new south entry

The trellis and Virginia Creeper was moved and another path into the center   under a new arbor.

new south arbor
noth garden path

Two Junipers were removed, stumps and all and a cedar fence added along with a new path and some new bushes will bring this area up to par with the rest

bricks are laid
storage area

Got this area cleared out to make way for about 20 feet of Trellises that are quickly being over grown with Virginia creeper.

virginia creeper trellis
north garden beds

Just as we have done before, sod cutter and then lawn timbers... instant path- ways & raised beds in the other half of the back yard.  

taylor junniper
rebuild waterfall

Painful & expensive, we emptied the pond and removed the stump and recruited some experts to get this gorgeous new waterfall.

shorter but longer