Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for August

tomatoes and peppers purple phlox red fountain grass grape and mirror trellis front entry deep shade evergold carex butterfly bush rudbeckia eggplant red helenium impatients elephant ear

August and the the heat is still on. Many of the blooms are fading but look at the bounty in the kitchen. Fresh salsa, fresh black berries and an artichoke. Bang, here comes the big Phlox. Below, the ornamental grasses and peaches are taking over the show from the tiger lilies.


Let's back up and enjoy the foliage as August can only provide. Grapes, Castor Beans, Banana's, Tai giant Elephant Ears,  Hosta's, and ornamental grasses.  It takes height and width to achieve a shady tropical look. Thank you, heat and humidity, at least it's good for something.


A new little grass year was Evergold Carex (a water lover). Next door is a blooming Hens & Chicks. Below are a 2-year old Butterfly bush, a Peppermint Swirl Hibiscus and a Cleome.


Side to side are Black-eyed Susan and a pot of mixed Coleus that we proudly started from seed. Below are 2010 pics. Verbena's planted in the rock borders are finally blooming. After two years, a Peppermint Swirl Hibiscus is also showing off. To it's right is a clump of Oat Grass.


The red and yellow Helenium are huge. Below, the red Impatiens and ivy surround the pond. The Revenae grass is beginning to tower over everthing around it. Last is the fast growing Red Emperor Bean coving a 7ft tall trellis. August is 1/2 over.

revenae grass

Closing out August with some elephant ears and giant Russian Cannas. Late Summer is less about blooms and more about tall broad plants, leaves and textures.

back yard photo white david phlox tiger lilies tropical retreat ornamental grasses hens and chicks cleome coleus apples yellow helenium red emperor bean canna
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