Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for February

planted seed tray faux cabin warm happy conure gold fish daffodils breaking ground
planting supplies

In February, the seed trays are planted in a combination of seed starter and potting soil. The peppers have heat mats to help them germinate. Spring will be here soon. We have had a few warm days but the real cold days seem to return each week. Inside, everybody is warm and happy. Outside, the bird feeders are kept full as we anticipate Spring.

frozen rhododrendum

A few days past Valentines day and the air is warm. The Pond is thawed and the fish are swimming. The daffodils and tulips are breaking ground already. The Taylor Juniper below has grown at least 10 inches since last year and 'ta-da', the planted seeds are likewise breaking ground in a big way.

seeds are up
planted seed tray bird feeder red sister cordyline dafodils breaking ground tulips are breaking ground
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