Welcome to Mary and Gary's Garden Diary for November

honeysuckle leaves dug up canna bulbs zebrina burning bush
oat grass

In November the leaves are still falling and as fast as possible, we rake them up in one place. Then grind them up and put them back some place else. The grasses are left standing along with a few bushes and are the favorite places for all the birds to hide and play.

garden bench

No time to sit, we have canna's and elephant ear bulbs to dig and bird feeders to fill. If you look really close, there is still plenty of purple to brighten up your day. Below the burning bush and nine bark are a welcome contrast to the brown leaves. Last to mention is the catmint that doesn't seem to care that the cold November air has arrived,

cat mint - walkers low
flame grass mulched leaves bird feeder beauty berry nine bark
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